Loading the GAPA PW-2 for transport…

While visiting the folks at the Wurtsboro airport today, I photographed Airport Manager Warren Cramer and Pilot Rod Schwartz lending a hand to PW-2 pilot Andrew Serota as he disassembled his Politechnika Warszawska PW-2 (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politechnika_Warszawska_PW-2 ) and loaded it on his custom modified trailer.  Here are some photos from the day.  Google the PW-2 and you’ll find a great video of Andrew in flight at http://www.crestlinesoaring.org/comment/919#comment-919



pw2-1 pw2-2 pw2-3 pw2-4 pw2-5 pw2-6 pw2-7 pw2-8 pw2-9 pw2-10 pw2-11 pw2-12 pw2-13 pw-14 copy pw2-14 pw-15 pw2-16 pw2-17 pw2-18 pw2-19 pw-20 copy pw2-21 pw2-23 pw2-25 pw2-26 pw2-27 pw2-28 pw2-29 pw2-30 pw2-31 pw2-32 pw-33 pw2-33 pw2-34 pw2-35 pw2-36 pw2-37pw2-3920130428_582220130428_5675

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