January drive

1st Place Pick, Inspirations 2.2

Visited my lovely wife at her job on Claryville, NY. Took the long way home..<

Pepacton Reservoir on ice, view from the bridge facing west…pepact2

Pepacton Reservoir from the bridge facing east.pepacton-on-ice

Roadside Ice.ikes

Roadside renewal.winter-star



September Quartet

Winter weather prompts editing previous work..  Combining Silver Efex and Photoshop for some selective color treatments on an afternoon trip near a neighbors cornfield yields some shots I hope you’ll like..


When a butterfly flaps it’s wings….

The famous introduction to chaos theory.., the Butterfly Effect.

See (and support) the wiki page: Wikipedia on the Butterfly Effect

As for the critter itself, I don’t know who they are or what they are named but really like to photograph them.  It’s challenging and they are beautiful.  I recently found and joined a facebook page for butterfly enthusiasts.  It’s a worldwide enthusiasm.  When a butterfly on the other side of the world flaps it’s wings, it really does have an effect here.  Thanks to the Butterfly people for helping me identify these:

pocono-butterFritillary, Pocono Mountain Forest

black-beautySpicebush Swallowtail, Bashakill Wetland Refuge, NY

ss10bRed Admiral, Red Bug Slough, Sarasota FL

See this: Butterfly Enthusiast FB page


Weeds and Seeds


Assorted shots from gardens, farms, forests and wetlands in the western Catskills and eastern Pocono mountains.

Horses and their canoe, Youngsville, NY
Sunflower in a shared garden, Jeffersonville, NY
Brussel Sprouts in a shared garden, Jeffersonville, NY
Bee Balm in Winter, Youngsville, NY
Tiger in the Poconos
Cornfield, North Branch, NY
cc bird
Big bird, Callicoon Creek, NY
Near the house, Youngsville, NY
Natures velcro, Beaverkill, NY
Redwing on the Bashakill, NY
Deer North Branch, NY
Down the Road, Ulster County, NY
Farm, Ulster County, NY
Dragons on the Bashakill, NY
Redwing on Callicoon Creek, NY
The mighty Bashakill Wetlands, NY
Backyard, Jeffersonville, NY

Ain’t nothin like a hummingbird……

Here are a few shots from August.  Off camera flash with Yongnuo YN-622c wireless transmitter set up on a tripod in the garden with this cooperative critter.  A Toyota Tundra makes a pretty good blind for the shoot.  The hummingbird thinks it’s just a truck and it’s always fun to drive on the lawn………