Boy fishing..

What is really important? National elections? International relations? Paying taxes?  Uninformed opinions?  How about the sheer beauty of the feel of the face of mother nature as she patiently allows you to feel her face and share her air. This young man shows us how it’s done.  He was fishing with an older woman and a man who appeared to be a dentist based on the DDS on his license plate.  The woman and the dentist appeared to be expert fishers.  The boy too.

In this sport, style counts. Not in what you wear though.  The style happens through your forward steps to meet nature.  The force of the rod, the curve of the line, the beautifully tied fly landing on the water as gently as its natural counterpart.  Pure grace in action.

So what is really important?  I think the dentist office was closed on this Friday first day of trout season.  A day off rarely gets better than this.20160401_6610






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