One upon a recent time, the government built a wall…

And they built it in an obviously romantic spot..  In the Catskills, looking to the northwest over the valley that holds Rondout Creek.  There’s a steep drop on one side of the edge and a road that crosses the Shawangunks on the other.  Before the wall was built, there was just a guardrail.  Temptation to be close to the edge must have been great.  It was a good place to become engaged so Carol and me did.  It was a beautifully dark but brilliant night.

The need to organize the activities on this spot overwhelmed someone so they built some parking spaces and a wall next to them to help us all enjoy the scenery more efficiently I suppose.

The wall has been there over a year and it’s proved to be a great place to document love as well as other important topics.  It seems the Sharpie is the tool of the love-art trade.  Crismar, Nicky, Nieto, the Vape Trade, Nina, Yadira and others appreciate the governments efforts and can’t wait for the next big wall on the borders of our great nation.

Build it and they will come….















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